A Tale of Two Tigers

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Apr 152015
Digital art by Les Bossinas (Cortez III Servic...

Digital art by Les Bossinas (Cortez III Service Corp.), 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Novel that I have the greatest progress with is “A Tale of Two Tigers” which actually is composed of two shorter works, the second a sequel to the first.

The two parts of this novel were inspired by the crowd funded game, “Star Citizen” by Chris Roberts‘ “Cloud Imperium Games” or “Roberts Space Industries” (RSI).

Curse of Wedding Veil Nine” is the first part, which involves the discover of two derelict spacecraft. The setting is in the future at a time when interstellar travel takes place regularly by way of “jump gates”. The tale revolves around an explorer in a seldom travelled star system. I am in the process of rewriting it at the moment.

An image of Thackeray's Globules, a set of Bok...

An image of Thackeray’s Globules, a set of Bok globules in the H II region IC 2944, taken with the WFPC2 instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doom of the Bok Globule” is the sequel to “Curse of Wedding Veil Nine“. I am about 1/3 of the way into writing that, but I think that I might not work much on it until “Curse of Wedding Veil Nine” is rewritten. “Doom of the Bok Globule” is set in a different star system. This one has no record of ever being explored.

I think they would qualify as relatively “hard” science fiction with a suspense element thrown in. I’m stepping a little out of my comfort zone in writing the two stories. Others might not think so, but I am not experienced with writing “suspense” stories.

Still it is interesting writing “A Tale of to Tigers.”


Embedded Outflow in HH 46 47

Embedded Outflow in HH 46 47 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apr 082015

After a long hiatus, I have dusted off this site and a few others. Much has happened since my last post… some even having to do with writing!

My cartoon strips are being posted regularly on “The Gnome Tapestry“. I’d love a larger audience, but there have been minor successes at publicizing that site. “The Gnome Tapestry” has three main cartoon strips running:

  • Chicken featureThe Gnomestead Tapestry” — my light fantasy comedy cartoon. There are a few very long stories among to start with, followed by short pieces more recently. The more recent stories are either complete in a single post or in two or three posts.
  • Super Service 00Wheel Tales of Willow City” — an editorial cartoon mostly revolving around the issues people with disabilities face. I was surprised at how many stories I have completed in “Wheel Tales”. Each post in “Wheel Tales of Willow City” has a complete story.
  • A New Omen 200Space Trek” — a bit of science fiction farce and satire. I have some short pieces a few longer pieces and one continuing serial. “A New Omen!” will be going on for quite a while, but I try to make each post interesting in itself.

I have done some work on a science fiction novel called “Two Tigers”. I have about 1/2 – 3/4 of the novel finished. I have two fantasy novels underway as well and a collection of ghost stories.

I’ve joined a writers’ workshop and this has greatly helped my writing. It is a group of authors and budding authors who gather every two weeks to critique a chapter of each others writing. This workshop has also inspired me and I have realized a few problems I have had with writing. I think I’ll complete some of the projects I have that are languishing.

I am also going to try to be writing posts regularly on this site and others I run.

Stay tuned for more!


Enter The Dragon

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Jan 212013

It’s not quite like what they had in Star Trek — but now my computer is fully capable of listening to what I say and typing it on the screen. It takes a little getting used to. You have to consider everything that you say, and include all the punctuation as you speak. I do believe that once you get used to it it will be much faster than typing. It is incredibly accurate in understanding what I’m saying. It works much better then the OCR software for scanning text off of images in accuracy.

OCR software seems to me to be less than 80% accurate. At least that was what it was like the last time I tried using it.

Still, it requires a whole new method of thinking. I imagine that businessmen who are used to transcribing onto Dictaphone’s will have no problem with this. They are used to putting their thoughts into words that a secretary can transcribe from.

Perhaps you will seem more entries for me using this Dragon.

“Dragon” refers to “Dragon Naturally Speaking” version 12 by Nuance.

Until next time,



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May 312010

Prose can be both Fiction and Non-fiction, but I thought not to create a Prose category to go opposite Poetry as there is no need for any rigid dichotomy. Instead I’ll have things broken into Fiction, Non-fiction, and Poetry. Those sections will be broken down further as needed.

I have decided that my writing on fictional worlds should be included in non-fiction as will my gaming work. They can be thought of as writing and gaming aids even though fictional in content they are non-fiction in purpose. Fiction and non-fiction will be broken up as appropriate. One section in Fiction will be for my Cartoon Strips.

Site Contents – What I’ll write about…

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May 302010

I write about many things, but I have a few ideas on what I plan on including on dwpenner.ca. They may stretch onto sub-domains of their own, but we shall cross that bridge when we get there.

Of course I shall be writing little off the cuff things like this within the message log — messages about the blog itself and messages about my writing and what is influencing it. I’ll be following the pattern of those writers I admire. I also will be including more formal things — things like various types and topics of writing that I do as examples of my expression of this craft of communication.

There are a few novels I am working on and I plan on including excerpts from them. I also will probably at least describe them and the short story collections I am working on. I have a cartoon strip I am working on as well. There are nonfiction pieces I have in the works as well which range from articles to books. There also is my poetry, though I am not sure of the audience for that. Poetry, sometimes I think is a lost writing form with only a small percentage of the population having any interest in it.

I do have a great love of science and have plans on a series of articles on celestial bodies… I want to see how I can put them into terms so that others might see more wonder in the sky and what they might here in the peppering of science reports they might catch on the news. There are many things in the night sky we know of now that were mere dreams when I was a child.

I’d like to write some here about anthropological finds too…. well, lets just say I love to write.