Too Much On the Ball

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Apr 292015

Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve had quite a busy week. It is even tough to squeeze in this short post.

Sometimes I have too many ideas for stories and scenes. At the moment I have 4 novels on the go:

  1. “A Tale of Two Tigers”
  2. “Falling”
  3. “The Story of Two Sorcerers”
  4. “You’ve Gotta be Psychic”

Well, I am actually only actively working with  “Curse of Wedding Veil Nine” which is the first half of “A Tale of Two Tigers”. The second half of that novel, “Doom of the Bok Globule” I am also doing some work on.

“Falling” is another novel I have in the works, though mostly I am reconsidering the story arcs within it.

A game map created to help set the mood for a game set on the continent of Havne on the world of Verden.

“The Story of Two Sorcerers” is one I have worked on in a few incarnations, but the plot is solidified now. It is one story set in the world I created for gaming purposes. That is the world of “Verden“.

With “You’ve Gotta be Psychic”, I did a lot of work on, in the past, but am reconsidering whether the plot I have has too many characters.

I also happen to be working on an anthology of ghost stories based in Port Moody called “A Little East of North”. There are also the three cartoon strips I am publishing on weekends at “The Gnome Tapestry“.

I’m working on a number of my blogs and trying to keep up to the schedule I created. So far so good with the blogs:

  1. The Gnome’s Garden
  2. The Garden Wall
  3. Rose Coloured Bifocals
  4. Parables of Latitude
  5. Collide as One
  6. What is Heritage
  7. We’ll Make Cents
  8. The Gnome Tapestry
  9. The Heretical Herald

Of course with best laid plans… life is stepping in and a series of appointments and other commitments are taking precedence. That means that I am keeping up, though barely.

We'll Make Cents

This “We’ll Make Cents” penny done in 2013 represents both “We’ll Make Cents” and Auckland NZ where they operate out of. The fern is a symbol of New Zealand

I have been quite busy as well with a fund-raising organization I volunteer at. It eats up a lot of my writing time, but is very rewarding work. If you are in the Auckland, New Zealand area, in particular, you might be interested in looking up “We’ll Make Cents“. Even if you aren’t in New Zealand, you might be interested. The projects we’re raising money for are worthy of supporting.

That’s it for this week here in Rose Coloured Bifocals.