Jan 312013
Gnomestead Tapestry Cast
Gnomestead Tapestry Cast

Many of the Characters from The Gnomestead Tapestry


For the last couple of months I’ve been concentrating on my cartoon strip “The Gnomestead Tapestry”. I decided last fall that I was going to publish them as slide-shows on video. It seems to be the best format for the cartoon strips. They’re quite entertaining displayed that way. I’m still not quite decided whether I’m going to leave him silent, or supply narration, or simply add the musical soundtrack. Perhaps I’ll add narration, a musical soundtrack, and some sound effects. I have high hopes to be able to produce one a month eventually. For now it looks like one every two or three months might be more realistic. This last one I’m working on looks like it’s going to be about twice as long as the one I’ve done up to date.

Desktop of a comic strip artist

Desktop of a comic strip artist (Photo credit: sinanyuzakli)

I do know one thing, I have plenty of material for new stories — even an idea for a spinoff that has a storyline that will intertwine with the main one. I am not worried about running dry for story ideas.

I am confident that I will be getting back to doing other writing than the cartoon strips. The cartoon strips keep the creative juices flowing. I think people will also find them very entertaining.

That’s it for now.

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