Enter The Dragon

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Jan 212013

It’s not quite like what they had in Star Trek — but now my computer is fully capable of listening to what I say and typing it on the screen. It takes a little getting used to. You have to consider everything that you say, and include all the punctuation as you speak. I do believe that once you get used to it it will be much faster than typing. It is incredibly accurate in understanding what I’m saying. It works much better then the OCR software for scanning text off of images in accuracy.

OCR software seems to me to be less than 80% accurate. At least that was what it was like the last time I tried using it.

Still, it requires a whole new method of thinking. I imagine that businessmen who are used to transcribing onto Dictaphone’s will have no problem with this. They are used to putting their thoughts into words that a secretary can transcribe from.

Perhaps you will seem more entries for me using this Dragon.

“Dragon” refers to “Dragon Naturally Speaking” version 12 by Nuance.

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