This is a short biography of DWPenner. It is conveniently split up by accounts so I can give a quick bio biased towards the techie end of things as well as the writer and more general end of things. …admin will be the more techie end of things::


This is the account I shall be doing some administration duties from.


Hello, I am Darrell Wade Penner — or DWPenner — and I have always been a bit of a dreamer. Now I am turning my daydreams into stories that I am working to share. I hope others enjoy them as much as the few friends I have already shared some of them with. __/ Darrell Wade Penner \_______________ “Sapientia Propter Amorem” ~O~ (Wisdom Out Of Love) Contrary to rumours I do not look at the world through rose coloured glasses. I have rose coloured bifocals. While they allow me to still see the yucky bits so I can do what I can about them, they also let me enjoy the good, perhaps to escape a little and so not become hardened and despair. – DWP