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Apr 222015

Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been going through “Curse of Wedding Veil Nine” a chapter at a time, modifying it from the version created for the Star Citizen forums. I’m doing a chapter a week.. or more accurately two chapters every two weeks. I tend to do the two chapters at the same time. I am using MS One Note to keep track of things in the story — like people, places, and things. It’s working fairly nicely. I’ll have to do a review of it in a future entry.

I have also been working on a number of my blogs and trying to keep up to the schedule I created. So far so good with the blogs:

  1. The Gnome’s Garden
  2. The Garden Wall
  3. Rose Coloured Bifocals
  4. Parables of Latitude
  5. Collide as One
  6. What is Heritage
  7. We’ll Make Cents
  8. The Gnome Tapestry
  9. The Heretical Herald

Perhaps 9 blogs a week is a bit ambitious, especially when one of them actually is three a week. That makes around 11 blog entries a week.

I have been quite busy as well with a fund-raising organization I volunteer at. It eats up a lot of my writing time, but is very rewarding work. If you are in the Auckland, New Zealand area, in particular, you might be interested in looking up “We’ll Make Cents“. Even if you aren’t in New Zealand, you might be interested. The projects we’re raising money for are worthy of supporting.

I have fallen a bit behind on my cartoon strips on “The Gnome Tapestry“. Well, I am on the verge of being behind. I publish one on Saturday and another on Sunday. I also normally publish a “Coming Up in the Tapestry” post on Wednesday. (It is supposed to be published at about the same time as this entry here should be made. I’ll get the two strips done on time, but I can’t promise that “Coming Up in the Tapestry“will be out before Thursday.

I have also done a little work on my collection of ghost stories which is set in Port Moody, BC. I have stories in that anthology that are in a number of stages of completed with some written and being proofread, some being edited, some in first draft, and some yet to be written. More on that in future.

That’s it for this week here in Rose Coloured Bifocals.


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