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Apr 152015
Digital art by Les Bossinas (Cortez III Servic...

Digital art by Les Bossinas (Cortez III Service Corp.), 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Novel that I have the greatest progress with is “A Tale of Two Tigers” which actually is composed of two shorter works, the second a sequel to the first.

The two parts of this novel were inspired by the crowd funded game, “Star Citizen” by Chris Roberts‘ “Cloud Imperium Games” or “Roberts Space Industries” (RSI).

Curse of Wedding Veil Nine” is the first part, which involves the discover of two derelict spacecraft. The setting is in the future at a time when interstellar travel takes place regularly by way of “jump gates”. The tale revolves around an explorer in a seldom travelled star system. I am in the process of rewriting it at the moment.

An image of Thackeray's Globules, a set of Bok...

An image of Thackeray’s Globules, a set of Bok globules in the H II region IC 2944, taken with the WFPC2 instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doom of the Bok Globule” is the sequel to “Curse of Wedding Veil Nine“. I am about 1/3 of the way into writing that, but I think that I might not work much on it until “Curse of Wedding Veil Nine” is rewritten. “Doom of the Bok Globule” is set in a different star system. This one has no record of ever being explored.

I think they would qualify as relatively “hard” science fiction with a suspense element thrown in. I’m stepping a little out of my comfort zone in writing the two stories. Others might not think so, but I am not experienced with writing “suspense” stories.

Still it is interesting writing “A Tale of to Tigers.”


Embedded Outflow in HH 46 47

Embedded Outflow in HH 46 47 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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