Apr 082015

After a long hiatus, I have dusted off this site and a few others. Much has happened since my last post… some even having to do with writing!

My cartoon strips are being posted regularly on “The Gnome Tapestry“. I’d love a larger audience, but there have been minor successes at publicizing that site. “The Gnome Tapestry” has three main cartoon strips running:

  • Chicken featureThe Gnomestead Tapestry” — my light fantasy comedy cartoon. There are a few very long stories among to start with, followed by short pieces more recently. The more recent stories are either complete in a single post or in two or three posts.
  • Super Service 00Wheel Tales of Willow City” — an editorial cartoon mostly revolving around the issues people with disabilities face. I was surprised at how many stories I have completed in “Wheel Tales”. Each post in “Wheel Tales of Willow City” has a complete story.
  • A New Omen 200Space Trek” — a bit of science fiction farce and satire. I have some short pieces a few longer pieces and one continuing serial. “A New Omen!” will be going on for quite a while, but I try to make each post interesting in itself.

I have done some work on a science fiction novel called “Two Tigers”. I have about 1/2 – 3/4 of the novel finished. I have two fantasy novels underway as well and a collection of ghost stories.

I’ve joined a writers’ workshop and this has greatly helped my writing. It is a group of authors and budding authors who gather every two weeks to critique a chapter of each others writing. This workshop has also inspired me and I have realized a few problems I have had with writing. I think I’ll complete some of the projects I have that are languishing.

I am also going to try to be writing posts regularly on this site and others I run.

Stay tuned for more!


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