May 302010

I write about many things, but I have a few ideas on what I plan on including on They may stretch onto sub-domains of their own, but we shall cross that bridge when we get there.

Of course I shall be writing little off the cuff things like this within the message log — messages about the blog itself and messages about my writing and what is influencing it. I’ll be following the pattern of those writers I admire. I also will be including more formal things — things like various types and topics of writing that I do as examples of my expression of this craft of communication.

There are a few novels I am working on and I plan on including excerpts from them. I also will probably at least describe them and the short story collections I am working on. I have a cartoon strip I am working on as well. There are nonfiction pieces I have in the works as well which range from articles to books. There also is my poetry, though I am not sure of the audience for that. Poetry, sometimes I think is a lost writing form with only a small percentage of the population having any interest in it.

I do have a great love of science and have plans on a series of articles on celestial bodies… I want to see how I can put them into terms so that others might see more wonder in the sky and what they might here in the peppering of science reports they might catch on the news. There are many things in the night sky we know of now that were mere dreams when I was a child.

I’d like to write some here about anthropological finds too…. well, lets just say I love to write.


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